Friday, December 28, 2007

Inscribing Your Wedding Bands?

Here are some top choices for band inscription:

1. You are the Reason
2. All my love, All my life
3. His name on yours... Your name on his
4. I love you to infinite and beyond
5. Your wedding date
6. Date of courtship
7. A Deal's a Deal
8. This is forever
9. My Sun, Moon, and Stars
10. Forever..." engraved in yours and then in his "...and ever and ever
11. Heaven Has Smiled" with your wedding date
12. I will love you forever & your wedding date
13.One Heart, One Love
14. Put it back on
15. Wherever you are, I am
16. I love you with all that I am
17.Until the end of time
18. More than you know
19."Para Siempre" Which means "for always”
20."Forever My Sunshine”

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