Friday, December 28, 2007

Planning a Bridal Meet and Greet

A Bridal Meet and Greet is an initial meeting for brides to bond with all of her bridesmaids before the festivities begin. A Bridal Meet and Greet allows the bridesmaids to get to know one another if they are from different cities, states, cultures, families, etc.

A Bridal Meet and Greet can take place months to weeks before the wedding or the week of. If most of the bridal party is located away from the meeting location, it is best to plan a meet and greet when everybody is in the same location at the same time.

Who attends a Bridal Meet and Greet?
Bridesmaids, Maid/Matron of Honor, Mothers of Bride and Groom, Grandmothers, Hostesses, and/or other female participants

What goes on at the Meet and Greet?
Introductions of participants, sharing of information about the ''Big Day'', Wardrobe and Accessory Information, Discussion of Wedding Itinerary, Discussion of roles (if they have any) and good ole’ mingling.
An icebreaker would be suitable to open the discussion segment of the Meet and Greet. During this time, the bridal attendants have the opportunity to exchange and update their means of communication. The bride can also benefit from this swap of info.

Are gifts exchanged?
No. This is just an informal meeting to meet one another and get pertinent information about the event and the bride's expectations.
Do you serve refreshments and beverages?
It would be ideal to have a light selection of hors' deurves. For example, a vegetable tray, tortilla pinwheels, spinach dip, finger sandwiches, and fruit punch.

What Else…
If the Bride has sample items for the wedding, she can show off her treat at this time. Perhaps she has a newsletter with all of her discussion topics, she can pass them out at the Meet and Greet and save on postage.

Other Things to Cover at the MG:
– Encourage your Bridal Party to help with your Wedding To-Dos
– Be enthusiastic about your wedding and they will catch on from your excitement (although you will take it more seriously)
– After the MG, keep regular contact with all who attended
– Let your BP know how much you appreciate them for participating
– Be sure to inform them of purchases they will be responsible for (i.e. dress, alterations, shoes, jewelry, nails)
– At the MG, this is also a great time to get the correct spelling of the participant's names. When you've collected them, store them in your computer and keep a hard copy in your wedding notebook.
– Don't forget to send thank-yous to your BP who were in attendance.

Ideal Locations
– Your home
– A Local Garden
– Poolside
– Small Restaurant or CafĂ©
– Hotel Suite (you can stay afterwards and relax)

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