Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Aw Man! The Date Changed...

What if your wedding date changes? Besides getting understanding from your vendors upfront about their date change and cancellation policies, I'm taking a different look at what can also be affected by this.

One thing a planner and a detailed oriented bride can't change is...time! Unforeseen circumstances come up beyond our control in the least expected moments. I said this to say that you may have to consider things like: having your ceremony in an area that may be affected by distrastous weather or having a close relative with a terminal illness, or even worse--irreconcilable differences between you and your fiance'. These things may affect your wedding date.

I've had a bride or two and have known of some ladies who stamped their wedding date on everything imaginable and due to unexpected tragedies and disasters, their date had to be moved. When a new date was set (if it was a new date) they had to purchase duplicate wedding accessories. This is just one of those small details that can sometimes be overlooked.

I'm not saying don't get your date on your items. This is just one more thing to consider when ordering wedding day essentials with your date on them. Be cautious to do this if:
  • Weather conditions may severely affect the location and the date.
  • Serious illness or unexpected death may occur
  • Financial responsibilities and obligations may push the date further away, or
  • Difficult struggles in your relationship occur

With faith and hope, I pray that nothing will interfere with your wedding plans. Happy Planning, Dahling!

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