Sunday, April 6, 2008

Before you sign...Read!

This post is an extremely important one for brides who are interested in hiring a wedding planner. It is wise to shop around if you can whether it is via the WWW, your local chamber of commerce, or the yellow pages. All wedding planners (and other vendors) don't have the same packages, prices, and experience that may be needed for your wedding.

Discuss It First
During your initial consultation with your planner, use this meeting to get to know your planner as she (or he) is getting to know you. If you already know exactly what you want the planner to be responsible for, make it known during this meeting. The planner may have a recommended service package that may accommodate your needs. Once you've come to a decision on a particular package or service, this should be included in the contract.

Getting the Contract
When you do feel that you've found that dream planner to tie your wedding plans together, you should be presented with a contract. In your contract, all major information and responsibilities should be outlined in ink. Be sure to look for the planner's name/business info, the date of services, package/service info, charges and fees, and any other legally binding information. If you have questions about any information in the contract, ask questions and get answers BEFORE you sign. Once the contract is signed, you and your planner will know what is expected from her (or him) in planning your Big Day.

Demanding Extra
Brides, please be aware of you wanting your planner to provide additional services outside of the contract (for no charge to you). Although the planner is professionally equipped to minimize stress and chaos, your planner may have limits to what they will and can do for you, especially at the last minute. It is at the planner's discretion to walk your dog, wash your hair, buy additional wedding necessities, and pick up your dry cleaning. Before whipping out the "Do This" list, read your contract and make sure that you are also in line with the service agreement.

Communication is the Key
Keep the communication line open between you and your planner. For instance, if there are last minute purchases that you aren't able to make and you ask your planner to do so, be mindful that there may (or not) be an invoice waiting for you. Your planner (hopefully) is open minded and will work hard to ensure that you have everything you need to make your wedding day memorable.

If your contract says, Day of Coordinator that's what it is. Don't expect your D.O.C. to go with you to order your cake, plan your bridal shower, and attend the gown fittings. Be clear about the services that you want and need up front and your planner will make sure that she (or he) will fulfill them to the fullest.

Happy Planning!

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  1. This is a nice site Tish! May God continue to bless you and your family. Your creations inspired me in my wedding planning more than you know!


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