Saturday, May 24, 2008

True Perseverance

Earlier this week, we held our commencement exercises and it was great!

Pictured left is the 2008 Valedictorian and she definitely deserves this high honor. I've been meeting with her for about 2 years and to witness the strength that this young lady has is amazing and inspiring.

She has had the tough responsibility of tending to her terminally ill father, younger teenage sister while trying to support the family with a part time job, and serving on several high school committees (and well). All of this while in high school and continuing to remain the top in her class. At the end of her junior year of high school, she added another responsibility of mother. But you know what!? She didn't let setbacks pull her away from her divine comeback.

This young lady is an inspiration to me. She is so young and haven't yet been through everything life has to throw her way but what has been given to her, she has taken and made into success. I look forward to getting updates from her while going to college to succeed there and to see how greater of a mother she is
to become. I hope that this tidbit will inspire you, too! Great Job, Brit!!!!

Her baby is really a cutie pie, but for his safety and protection I avoided letting his face be fully seen. I know you understand!

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