Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 100,000th (mile) Birthday, Shawdy!

Yes, I named my 2002 2 door Dodge Stratus, Shawdy! My car is short and sporty and I thought the name hilariously fit. I've been looking for the day to come now for a few weeks to celebrate my darling car's milestone. As I was coming from the Orthodontist's office today (by the way, I'm getting braces) on the highway I kept watching for the odometer to get to the 100,000 number. Well, I was so into the music that was playing that I didn't realize that it actually was on the number that I've been waiting for. So, as I get ready to pull over to snap a picture of the milestone, here comes the little "1" popping up. It totally took my moment away. Shoot.

So, here's to my car that got me through graduate school, carried me to my wedding, sped to the hospital when I was in labor, drove around endlessly looking for professional employment, and rolled on to each wedding, shower, party, and consultation before Yukie (our Yukon) became part of our family. My husband is urging me to look for a newer vehicle but I'm so grateful for what I've been blessed with thus far. So, here's to you, Shawdy. I'll have to take extra special care of you from this point on.

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