Friday, October 3, 2008

The Budget Savvy Bride

This morning on Good Morning America, there was a segment on how to have a fabulous wedding on a shoestring budget. I absolutely love to get tips, read articles, and hear from others on how they saved money while planning their dream wedding.

Most of the brides that come my way have always dreamed about their wedding day but don't want to sacrifice their entire bank accounts to see it become reality. I, too, can relate to the budget conscious "diy" bride because 5 years ago I was one. So when I meet with a client and she {and he} expresses that they want to do the best with the budget that they have, I am willing to take this challenge on.

Especially now that our country's bank account is getting a bit low, it is time to rethink ways to save money than to spend IT ALL for wedding planning. With creativity, research, and help from some resources right in your family and friend circle, you can have the wedding or event that you have always wanted.

Here is the article from Good Morning America regarding the segment that was aired this morning.

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