Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big (Day) Wheels

Have you decided what means of transportation you'll utilize on your Big Day? Will you rent a luxury vehicle or book your local limo service? Will you rent a vehicle for the weekend or use your own?

Many brides envision going and leaving the wedding in grand style (and they should) but...there are times where you can opt to save those Benjamins and put them somewhere else. Not at all am I saying, "don't book the stretch", just consider these points before doing so.

1) Same Venue. If your ceremony and reception are in the same location, who's going to see you in your rented wheels? Nobody...everyone is walking (into the next room)!

2) Entrance. If you don't plan to have a grand exit or for the matter, grand entrance, who's going to see where you put all of your hard earned dollars?

3) The Jones'. If you want to have a luxury vehicle because that's just what everyone else is doing...umm, not a good enough reason to spend your Benji's on it.

4) Go ahead and do...Rent a less expensive vehicle (if you refuse to ride in your own) that you can ride in for the entire weekend. (i.e. something that doesn't require its own driver in a tux and top hat).
What are you going to ride in?

Happy Planning,
Tish B.

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  1. Great blog. I followed you here from an email about the 3rd Thursday Business Exchange. Keep up the good work.


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