Thursday, May 28, 2009

Just in Case: Bad Breath Killers

It's about 5 minutes before you walk down the aisle and you forgot to pop the mint.  What do you do?  Or, you just enjoyed the great garlic pasta dish at your reception and you're wanting to spend time with your guests and there's no gum or mints available.  What to do?

No worries.  Here's a few foods that may be easy to access for you.

An Apple. A Lemon.  And Garnish.

Pack an apple or two in your wedding day bag and have your maid of honor slice it for you to munch on.  An apple?  Yes.  Apples and other crisp foods (carrots, celery, pears) are high in fiber and the chewing produces more saliva causing a scrubbing rinse for your mouth.  And, not to mention it helps fill your belly in case of an attack of nerves.

So, what to do at the reception?  If you're having sweet tea served with lemon wedges or water with lemon, these little guys work well.  Suck on it or chew the rind a few times.  Another great way to avoid bad breath is to chew on the parsley or mint garnish that is typically on your plate.  Chewing releases the breath freshening oils.  Now, remember it's not gum so don't go around with it in your mouth all night.

Tish B.

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