Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Glittered Sole

I can't help but to stare at these Christian Louboutin glittered platform pumps. These shoes would be PERFECT for the upcoming holiday season. With the hefty price tag of $775, I have to just add this to the wishlist. How pretty?! And, they come in blue and red! I'm officially drooling.

However, with a tad bit of web search, I did come across these gold glittered pumps that are under $50. Hmmm....to order or not to order? That is the question.

Happy Tuesday!
Tish B.


  1. *hands Trish a tissue for her drool and takes another tissue out for mine* I am loving these fierce shoes, anything Louboutin is fierce! I can so see myself wearing the these...well the $50 ones, lol.

  2. These shoes would be the PERFECT NYE accessory!!

  3. I love both pair. Great job finding the $50 version. I may have to place them on my wish list too!

    Love & Soul Always, Kay


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