Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shopping for your Bridal Party…after Christmas!

Have you already decided on what you will get your bridesmaids as “thank you” gifts?  If you’re in the business of saving some cash, consider purchasing their gifts at the "after the Christmas" sale.  You can find some great gift ideas that will be marked 50%-75% off.   Most department stores (and our favorite discount stores) will have a large variety of cosmetic bags and totes, fragrance and cosmetic gift sets, bath and body products, and some jewelry that would be perfect for gifts.  Don’t forget the fellows, too!  This would be a great reason to bring along your boo so he can grab some items for his boys. 

Don’t wait to stand in a crowd of people to decide what you will purchase.  Browse the stores now when you’re out and about and make note of what you will look out for.  Use your camera phone to snap photos of the items that you want to remember to go back and purchase and jot down the price (it’ll be less after Christmas if it’s a holiday gift item).

Are you planning on taking advantage of after Christmas sales to purchase nice gifts for less for your Bridal Party?  

Tish B.

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