Friday, December 31, 2010

Our 2010 Year in Review

Usually around this time of the year, I'm ready to push on fast to get to the new year.  But, this year was different.  Solely, because I stayed committed to thinking differently and responding to tough situations smarter.  There were some great things that I learned this year and some rough times that caught my attention on how strong I'd actually become through prayer and waiting on God to sort some things out (versus me trying to move Him faster).  Many of my goals that I set at the beginning of the year were achieved (some I'm still working on) but I feel good about leaving this year behind with good thoughts and a promising journey into 2011.  So, I'll share a bit of my 2010 Year in Review with you.
  • I worked with some amazing couples this year.  They turned out to be great friends and have referred friends and family to me for 2011 events. (I THANK y'all so much)
  • I had the opportunity to work with some passionate and talented event professionals this year that has turned into some good friendships.  I'm looking forward to what we create for 2011.
  • I tapped into more of my creativity and gifts.  I have a love for pretty paper and designing coordinating pretties for events.  With the support of past and current clients, I've started to design more and hopefully offer more in 2011 (I will!)
  • As a business owner who is a scaredy cat, I pushed myself to begin to face some of my fears.  This year, I challenged myself to work hard through the fear.  The end result?  Success!  Even during the times that I failed at some things.  
  • I failed.  Yes!  At some attempts, I failed but welcomed the failure (instead of getting scared and pitiful).  I learned from the areas in which I failed in order to try new ways to getting something done. 
  • I learned a little bit more about me.  (Way more to learn!)  Especially as an entrepreneur, I am striving to be better at my craft each and everyday.  My clients will appreciate that more.
  • One of my weddings was featured in a wedding publication.  A major goal and success!  (This jazzy bride pushed me to do the unthinkable...and I am grateful!)
  • I embraced social media a little bit more.  However, I need to commit to blogging more regularly and sticking to my blog calendar.  This I will work on better in 2011.  (Girl Scouts honor!) And, it is through social media that I have received many of my new 2011 clients, so why wouldn't I give it more attention?!. *THANK YOU*
  • I realized that there is not too much that I can't do (Thanks, D Rich).  If I need a bit more information, training and education, it's right at my fingertips and all I have to do is learn. ...then I can do!  This is a biggie for me, y'all!
  • I connected with like-minded individuals and follow (if not stalk) those that inspire me.  This does not necessarily mean that it is a celebrity designer or planner, either.  I desire to be around those who want a little bit more than me.  They continue to push me. And, their light shines to me that I can do all things through Christ through strengthens me.    
  • I'm getting used to being an entry level tech geek.  With some great buddies who love technology, I'm upgrading myself and the gadgets I use. (this will benefit my clients)
  • There were some "business" connections that were not healthy for me. And, it is so not my character to "cut" myself off from others but staying true to my goals, I've started to learn how to leave and learn. I'm working on loving from a distance but keeping the toxic away from me and my business (...and my clients)
  • I added a new team member!!!  No, not really. I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl shortly after my last wedding.  This was the biggest hit of the year!
These are just a few highlights of how my year molded me.  I am sincerely grateful for all of the good and (ugly) that has occurred this year.  I now know that I am stronger and I believe in my company a whole lot more than I did last year.  The growth is what inspires me and keeps me working each day.  I will certainly miss 2010 (and kind of sad to see it go) but 2011 holds many great things for my company, my family, and myself.  I have to let this year go in order to walk into a wonderful season of blessings.  I'm ready.

Thank you for reading our blog, liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, sending us sweet emails, and directing your friends and family our way.  You inspire us.  You are the reason that I am able to do what I love.

Happy New Year!!!

Wedding Planner

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