Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tish's Quick Holiday Decor Tips

You have probably started to deck your halls and make them all festive for the holidays, right?!  Well, if not, I have a few tips that can get you going.  
1.  Stick with a theme.  Or, go with your theme from last year and spruce it up.  Just make sure you have your colors or actual theme (i.e. snowflakes, penguins, ice) chosen.  If you have to do a little shopping, this will make it easier for you to go to the exact items you need.
2.  Recycle.  This will save you big.  Add to what you already have.  Need fillers or a few more ornaments?  Just buy these few items than purchasing a whole new "Christmas Decor Wardrobe".
3.  Try Mesh.  Deco Poly Mesh is wonderful and such a great filler.  You can purchase it from your local florist or decorator's store.  Use it on wreaths, trees, and garlands.  It is so easy to use but if you need a little help, ask the florist (or decorator) to show you a few tricks before you leave the store.
4.  Fragrances.  Fill your home or office with the fragrances of the Holidays.  Do this by adding potpourri or scented candles and oils to your space.  An immediate warmth will feel your space.
5.  Don't underestimate ornaments.  Fill glass jars or platters with ornaments of various sizes.  Place them on your coffee table, end tables, mantle, or bookshelves.  What a simple, chic, and beautiful way to decorate.  Be sure to check your local dollar stores before heading to your speciality shops.  We want to save, right?!
6. Shop your back yard.  Pine cones, acorns, branches, oh my!  I'm certain you have those near by.  And, not to mention tons of leaves...  Get a can of gold (or any color) spray paint and go to town on transforming these natural elements into chic decor items.  Place them in a bowl or platter and add some pillar candles and I think you have a masterpiece.
7.  Candle Clusters.  Use lots of them in clusters of various sizes.  If you are like me and have small children at home, I'd use LED battery operated candles.  Remember those items you're going to spraypaint?  Place these candles in the center and there you go.  
8.  Ribbon, Ribbon, and More Ribbon.  Christmas time is not a time where Less is More.  You can go BIG during this time.  Add fun ribbon of various sizes, colors, or patterns to your wreaths, tree, swags, and garlands.  
9.  Coordinated Gifts.  Keep your theme going when you begin to wrap your gifts.  Let your gift wrap also be a part of your theme.  Add that ribbon to it and what a great extra this will be to your holiday decor.
10.  Get Carried Away.  Carry your theme throughout your space by adding candles, swags, or smaller trees to other rooms.  You can bring smaller holiday doodads into other rooms such as your kitchen, bathroom, and home office.

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