Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Selecting the Wedding Party

I thought that this post might be quite helpful for brides-to-be that may face this issue....selecting a wedding party. This can be very tricky, time consuming, and require a brain surgeon for some when it comes to choosing who and how many.

My best advice to my brides and brides all around is...take a deep breath and begin to think about the ladies (or gents) that have had some direct contact and experiences with you and your groom. I have seen a few brides in my planning career that began to regret their bridal party choices due to bratty, cranky, jealous, and unconcerned bridesmaids.

Here are a few tips to help you carefully select your fabulous bridal party.

1. You don't have to include everyone that you've known since the 1st grade. Keep it simple. This only works if you have a childhood friend that you've kept in contact with regularly throughout the years.

2. Size does not matter. The more bridesmaids that you have does not mean your wedding will be better. Include only those who are truly close to you and will celebrate your day along with you.

3. The numbers don't have to be the same. If you have more or less girls than your groom, it's quite alright. Please don't feel that you have to get your nail technician (unless she's your dear friend) to be in your wedding just to get the numbers to match.

4. You just may have to include family. It's okay to have that cousin that used to call you "Fraggle Rock" to be one of your fab beauties (at your mother's request). If situations like this will cause too much confusion, add her to your line or honor her with another role.

5. Try to avoid the guilt of not having ALL of your friends in the wedding party. There are other roles in the wedding that are significant so assign your other close friends roles such as: hostess, usher, soloist, guestbook attendant, MC, candlelighter.

6. Consider special seating. If you have too many friends that you would like to honor during this special time, consider, if possible, special seating at the ceremony and/or reception. This can be a VIP table close to the head table with personalized favors for this group or a special announcement expressing your gratitude for their friendship and support.

7. Most importantly, remember that this is your (and your man's) day. Those who truly love and support you will be there with you no matter what. Have fun!

Hope this helps!

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