Saturday, April 5, 2008

Temporary Bling

Oprah's Pear CZ Drop Jewelry Set, $45.00

Me, my mom, and my sister love to e-shop for anyday jewelry. I mean, to have a pair of Oprah earrings and designer bangles for just dollars isn't bad at all. Sounds like a great site to shop for the bridesmaids. And....

Eva Longoria E-Ring Replica, $39.00

In the event that you haven't gotten the e-bling (engagement ring), you may find Emitations the place to go temporarily. For whatever reason you're still awaiting the actual rock, the inexpensive prices and beautiful pieces at this online store will amaze you.

These simulated rocks are ideal if you want to have a ring on for engagement and bridal portraits or maybe if you need a bit more time to get the actual bling, you can check out the CZ wedding sets and use them for the actual day.

I really don't know how long that the bling will bling but for temporary use at these great prices, who cares.

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