Friday, April 4, 2008

Weird Wedding DIY

I absolutely have nothing against wedding DIY because I once was a bride in grad school on a budget and became a DIY fanatic (with precautions). There are a lot of DIY projects that will save a bride a boat load of money but one must attempt these projects with a spirit of excellence or else only you are going to think that your wedding items are custom and boutique-like. You don't want that!!!
If you are considering doing a few things yourself, don't wait until a few weeks to the wedding to try them out--start months in advance. Once you've completed a project or two, get an opinion from someone that you can absolutely trust them to be honest with you. If your projects don't turn out so right, be sure to have a few inexpensive professional resources lined up.

Don't rush through your DIY. Take your time and make sure that you purchase enough materials to make your projects successful. Think professional, not homemade. If you're doing any stationery, the key is-to make your items look like you had them "custom" made by a professional just for you. This also applies to any other DIY projects. Have fun with your projects and if they begin to stress you out, enlist the pros.

If you are a knottie junkie like myself, there are many of these ladies who have perfected their art in DIY and are willing to help out other brides. Get on the boards and enlist them. If you have craft friends or relatives, don't be afraid to ask for help.

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  1. Sometimes a glue gun is NOT your friend! LOL! Love your blog! Found you through Pearls Events.


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