Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Bachelorettes Gone Wild

There is a growing trend in bachelorette parties that doesn't involve a buff, tassle wearing Chippendale dancer. What does this trend include? ....a dancing pole!!!!

Portable Dancing Pole @ Lil' $279.00

What a workout you can get with incorporating a dancer's pole and some sassy music and moves to get the bride ready for a lifetime of entertaining her groom and getting some great laughs with the girls. This type of party suggests that you step out of the box and have fun learning some risque moves and working some muscles that you never thought that you might have.
This bachelorette party will definitely be one that will never be forgotten. Trust Me!!! Sheila Kelley's S Factor has been featured on Oprah and many celebrities enlist her to get them in shape and learn some interesting moves. Need a pole? Well, Sheila has them available on her site and you can also check out Lil' Mynx where they have tons of items to get you ready--by the way, these are portable poles. She also has instructional DVDs to teach the basics to these tantalizing wiggles-from striptease, to basics in lap dancing, and mastering the art of the pole.
S Factor Instructional DVDs: $34.95

To get you started with planning the party, you'll need to:
1. Enlist a dancing pro in your area. I dare not tell you where to go to find one;)
2. If you can't get a pro, purchase the S Factor for DVDs for beginners. DVDs are available for lap lessons, striptease, and pole dancing 101.
3. Find a location that will accommodate you and your diva friends and...a pole!
4. Create cute invitations that suggests a sassy workout and great laughs.
5. Rent a stretch limo to pick up the girls or just have them meet you at the location. Hint: This could be a great surprise to the bride.
6. If you hire an instructor, be sure to check with them to get a list of items that they need. If you go it all on DVD (or from your personal expertise), have plenty of towels and water for the ladies. Hint: create cute bottle water labels for the party waters and have the towels monogrammed with the ladies names or initials.
7. Delegate someone to take plenty of pictures. Plan to take pictures of the bride participating in the moves and then put them in a small photo album to the groom.
8. Don't plan this party the day before the wedding--remember all of you have to be able to walk after this.

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