Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Emergency Wedding

On last week (Wednesday), I was asked to plan a wedding for the upcoming Saturday. AGHHHH! I've never been asked to do something like this before. The reason that I did accept this daunting task is because the bride is a member of my church and her "wedding planner" wasn't planning (no-mo)!

When I did a quick inventory of what she had so far--I nearly wanted to run away for we couldn't use nearly anything that was previously purchased for the wedding. So, The Planning Diva had to make a $1 out of $.15.

In three days, I pulled almost everything I had in my inventory that I could use to get a wedding completed TPTR style. It was definitely tough but the day was pulled off with the spirit of excellence and looked as if we had months to plan.

Hey---but wait a minute! Because the photographers in our area were booked, there was a volunteer relative that said they could do the pictures as long as they had a camera. So, I extended my little Canon Powershot hoping that the pics would be taken. To my dismay, the "photographer" complained about the camera not working for them and couldn't get shots. I had to scoot my planner/director hat over to the side and then put on my "photographer" hat (which I am definitely not, okay?!) I recreated the moments of the bride walking in to taking pictures of the entire day!

Overall, this was a great gift that I extended to the sweet bride. Everything turned out great and most importantly, she was happy! Do I want to do this again...............NO!

I have to give a special thanks to my day of assistants, Monica and Tomeka who worked very diligently without complaint and helped make this day very special for the bride. Thanks, Team Diva!

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