Thursday, May 22, 2008

Late Tribute to Teachers

I really enjoy blogging but the month of May has been outrageously busy, weddings, parties, prom, graduation, family...self. So please excuse the "catch -up posts".

Recently, schools across America celebrated Teacher Appreciation Week and our high school took this time to salute this unique group of educators. Yours truly was busy at it. Each day of the week we created sweet sentiments to hand deliver to each of the teachers such as beautifully wrapped apples, treat bags, custom candy bars and water bottles. We topped it off with a fabulous luncheon with great food and drinks and allowing the teachers to enjoy an hour and a half student-free. It was a success. Teachers have actually commented on feeling special to have a week dedicated to them with great goodies.

I know, I know--too late, huh?! Well, you can never appreciate a teacher too much. Hats off to all teachers!!!

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