Monday, June 16, 2008

Fab+Green: DIY Facials

I must confess that I have not yet gotten the "Green Movement" down packed and even fully adopted but there are some really great ways to avoid using chemicals to make your skin flawless. Also, you're talking about saving a bundle by using organic materials to effectively purify your skin for your Big Day.

I can't forget about my fellow wedding planners that also read my blog. Sometimes, we are so busy buying items for others that we barely have time to purchase our own necessities, so this post is definitely for you, too!

What sparked this post was watching, "She's Got The Look" on TV Land and an editor for Self Magazine taught the ladies how to create their own natural facial cleansers by using oatmeal, milk, and honey to cleanse and hydrate the skin. I was totally inspired and wanted to make my own.

I got some instructions from Wikihow but as I did my online search found countless sites that offered great tips on creating your own natural facial masks and even hair care. Enjoy!

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