Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pamper Your Cutsie Tootsies

On your wedding day, you will more than likely have on a great pair of heels that I call, 10 minute heels. Those are the shoes that will give you about 10 minutes before your feet yell, bark, moan, etc. You know what I'm talking about?!

I found these fabulous heels at Zappos and had to post them because they definitely look like "10 minute" heels. Cute silver rsvp shoes from, $80.00

Runaway Bride Foot Petals, $44.95

Well, there's a solution to having your cute heel and comfy feet, Foot Petals. You slip the pads into your shoes and your feet are guaranteed a comfy walk down the aisle. There's even a package for bride's called the Runaway Bride.

Hostess Slippers at Foot Petals, $29.95

And, it doesn't stop there,Wedding Planners!!! They have hostess slippers that will provide comfort to our aching soles. You know the feet that we get during the reception, don't cha? Because I wear black to most of my events, the black slippers are perfect. The other colors are: gold and silver.

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