Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So What If It's Not Cliche'

Okay, okay, it took us to get a new President before I sat down in the late hours of the night to blog but I missed ya'll. As I sat down to finally try to get to some relaxing time on the net, I couldn't help but to see Michelle Obama's dress for the upteenth time. There are some that are giving her props for her bold choice of garment on the most historic night of presidential election history. And there are some that are saying that she missed it with this one. But, I do give her props. Although, this is not my favorite outfit in Mrs. Obama's closet, she sure pulled it off with style and grace. I love the color on her, too!

Who to credit for the dress? That would be to the spring 2009 runway collection of Narciso Rodriguez, one of the most critically acclaimed of New York Fashion Week. ...and this dress is not even available for purchase yet. But when it is, I'm sure orders will be flying in.

Now, below is the original design of the dress. If Mrs. Obama came out looking as though she was attending a cocktail party, she'd be criticized for that too! She made this snazzy little number more first ladylike. Ohh, but I do like the straps on the white dress {right of the red}.

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  1. I agree...while it is not my fav first lady outfit...she did pull it off!


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