Friday, November 7, 2008

What's Hot: Toppers with Glitz

I was delighted to be contacted by Sari Watkins, owner of Toppers with Glitz. Her company is infamous for the fabulous bling cake toppers that brides are using on the top of their cakes.

Toppers With Glitz (TWG) is all about quality. Sari is the owner and hand makes each and every item herself. The letters are only cut from aluminum (no plastic!) and the crystals are, of course, Swarovski. Her meticulous crystal work along with having the eye for color distribution is the signature of her work. The quality does not end with the product. She is also the one you will consult with, whether you call or email.

TWG specializes in personalizing each topper to the couple and often turns custom logos or theme artwork into cake top masterpieces. They have recently expanded their product line to now include coordinated server sets, bouquet monograms, crystal cake trim, and toasting flutes. The website is loaded with pictures and detailed information - the options seem endless. She doesn't only do custom work for brides but for whom ever will have a cake that needs some bling. Please go and check her out!

Here are a few toppers in an array of fall colors, appropriate for the season at hand.

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  1. I am interested in purchasing the R & T pictured above for my wedding cake. Please me directing at



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