Monday, January 5, 2009

New Beginnings!

Happy New Year! So, you finally got the "gifts" that you were praying for-him, a ring, and the opportunity to go on Mission:wedding planning. Well, many wedding and event professionals are just as thrilled as you are, too!

All of the excitement that you may be feeling is well deserved (and expected) but please know not to rush into the wedding frenzy too quickly. Don't drag your sweet man to every bridal show, department store, magazine rack, and website that you were able to encounter within this short period of time.

He may be as involved (and excited) as you are to talk wedding absolutely every minute of the day but don't be discouraged if he's not. Do sit down with him and see what he's thinking about as far as wedding planning goes. Decide on a date and most importantly, a budget. I'm not saying to exclude him from every diamond studded detail but don't freak him out a week or two within the engagement with constant blog talk and frequent shopping trips for packaged favors and wedding what nots.
However, it is a great time for you to get your wedding notebook and the local schedule for upcoming bridal shows in your area so that you can get familiar with the vendors and venues that will be available to you during wedding planning. This will also be a great time for you to get ideas for colors, themes, table settings, gowns, and more. And, don't forget your fiance'! You may get to see what he likes, dislikes, etc. while you're there.

Take it easy and enjoy every minute of the planning process even if your fiance' chooses to play golf instead of matching napkins with the table linens.

Happy Planning,
Tish B.

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  1. Great post Tish, and very timely for me since I just got engaged. It's funny, all that I know about planning has seemed to go out the window now that I'm on the other thank you for the reality check :-)


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