Wednesday, February 18, 2009

They’ll Cry if They Want To

Okay, the picture above is of the crying little girl on American Idol who was in love with Sanjaya (remember)? Well, her frowning face and tears are suitable for this post.

Some brides tend to want every little kid of every age in their wedding without realizing that it can cause some unforeseen distractions. What kind of distractions? Crying, kicking, and screaming down the aisle and possibly in the "photos for a lifetime”.

I usually tell my brides to use the little ones that are the closest to them and am mindful that they may or may not go down the aisle without a fight. To me, that sometimes makes for some cute photos. Don’t beat yourself up if they don’t rehearse it how you’ve planned it. Kids are kids and that’s that. They may walk, they may run, they may cry…it’s ok. Don’t force them to walk down the aisle, or for that matter, stand up if they don’t want to. And, to be honestly truthful, you don't really have to have children in your wedding if you really don't want to. It's totally up to you and your fiance'. If you have to search for kids to be in the wedding, you don't need them.

My suggestions are to limit the number of smaller kids in the wedding so that your bridal party doesn’t end up babysitting at the altar and the scream time is limited.

It’s not even necessary to have all of your gal pals children in the wedding or for that matter all of your relatives’ kids. Keep it to a minimum. Younger kids really don’t know the real reason they are all dressed up and have to stand up for a long period of time in front of a room full of strangers. So, when you go to planning your wedding party just keep the little guys in mind when you're doing so.

Happy Planning,
Tish B.

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    P.S. How can we ever forget Sanjaya.


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