Monday, February 16, 2009

To Cover or Not To Cover

Are you planning to show your tattoo on your wedding day? Are you wondering if it will be appropriate or not?

Whether or not you show your tat will probably be dependent on the style and formality of your wedding. If you’re getting married in a church or synagogue, you may have to consider covering up. Or, if you have something that may be a bit offensive for the occasion, you also may want to temporarily cover it. Before you decide to cover your tattoo with your regular pressed powder or DIY concoction, try a professional product first.

After doing some research, there are several concealers on the market that are said to be good for temporarily cover up tattoos. Dermablend was the most commonly heard and the application is quite simple. You can purchase it at any Macy’s store. ColorTration is also another commonly used cover-up makeup. It can be purchased online.

So whether you decide to cover or not to cover, rock it however you decide to do it…with class.
By the way, doesn't this bride's tattoo look great in her bridals? When I saw this photo, I had to share it.

Happy Planning,
Tish B.

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