Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Pantry to Party!

Yesterday, I shared an inexpensive pantry find that could make a "talk of the party" centerpiece by using Jell-o. Well, today I'm sharing just a few more budget chic pantry finds that will help make your next party the "talk"; atleast for the centerpieces.

Image: Garden.org

Fresh garden picks such as cherry or grape tomatoes, corn, sweet peas, or green beans will make an eye catching surprise to a garden party or outdoors cookout. With fresh flowers to top it off, you're headed for the WOW!

Coffee Beans have been popular for quite some time and I think they still look great inserted in the tablescape. I used these little guys for a coffee themed book signing event and the entire room smelled of fresh coffee. I even used them on platters and placed fresh pastries on top and the coffee flavor could be tasted through the pastries. Delicious!

Image: HGTV

Lentils are some little bitty beans that are very healthy for you and could be really healthy on your party budget. And, they can double as embellishments for your candles at your fall dinner party!

Asparagus stems tied with ribbon around candles...clever! And, talk about an easy day of project!

Jelly beans are far from healthy to the body but can be healthy to your budget when incorporating them into your next shower or party decor. Perfect for Easter, too!

Split peas make fantastic vase fillers and the variation the green color is even more intriguing!

Tish B.


  1. Those wedding center pieces are absolutely fabulous! Some of them can be table top pieces for different seasons, and or setting them just around the house. Thanks for the ideas; I love the coffee beans make a nice brown accent, and smells good too.

  2. if using these things as filler, how do the flowers stay hydraded?! I love the idea, but if I plan to do centerpieces a day in advance for a wedding, I'm wondering how it would work. Suggestions?

  3. Hi, Kristi! Great question, be sure to soak and rinse off your fruit or veggies to rid them from excess starch. Add them to your container and then fill with it with water. Then, you can add your fresh flowers to the vase.

    Hope this helps!

  4. Do you put water in with the coffee beans for the flowers? Or do you hide a smaller vase inside the main vase with water before adding the beans?

    1. If you are using fresh flowers, yes, place a smaller vase in the center (for the flowers and water) and then add your coffee beans around the vase. If you use candles, you do not need to add a separate container. Thanks for stopping by!


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