Thursday, July 9, 2009

Table Details: Number Cards

I really like the idea of having table numbers at all weddings that have 50 or more guests. A bride may or may not choose to have a seating chart designating where each guest should go and that's totally okay. But, even if you are a bride that is doing away with the seating chart and the use of place or escort cards, still consider numbering or naming your tables.

For buffet style receptions, it's easier to release a few tables by numbers (or names) rather than having all of your tables rush the buffet. Can you imagine the long, long line of guests? Whether you decide to designate seating or not, get creative with your table numbers. Bring out your wedding theme or colors by using photos, names, bling, or textured papers. Remember, it's all in the details.

While your guests are waiting to be served the delicious meal of the night, be sure to have some smashing entertainment for them to enjoy. It'll make the wait worthwhile...while looking at their unique table number to be called.

Image: Beau-Coup

Image: Etsy

Tish B.

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  1. What I great idea...I especially like the photo of the couple with the table number scribed on the beach!!!


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