Monday, February 8, 2010

Getting Ready for V-Day 2010

At the Planning Diva's house, we have been getting ready for Valentine's day.  Since I have a small one at home, it is really fun preparing for her little school and dance class parties.  The kiddies are always so excited and appreciative. This past Saturday, little miss and I prepared her VDay goodies for both her school class and her dance class.  
We decorated these water bottles for the little dancers to sip on after dance class.

For the party, little miss and I put together these cute treat bags.  Just a few pieces of candy and a tube of lip gloss makes a sweet treat.

The back of the bag topper

My dear and sweet mother-in-law is celebrating her birthday today so little miss and I put together a basket of yummy treats for her to enjoy during this coooold weather.  

Now, we have to work on the fellows at home so that they will feel all sweet and stuff.  What crafty creations are you working on for Valentine's 2010?!  

Oh yea, if you would like to create your own treat bags like we did, I'll send you a printable version (in pdf).  All you need to do is print onto cardstock and cut along the lines.  Send me your email address and I'll place them in your inbox.  

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