Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ask the Planner: Invitations and Gifts

Question:  Is it appropriate for me to include my gift registry in my wedding invitations?

Our Response:
This question does come up quite a bit.  But as much as we don't want to tell you NO to anything this is one that we advise you not to do.  No gift information or cash/gift card requests should be included in your wedding invitation.  Including this information could send off a message that you are more interested in the gift than your guest that you are inviting.

However, you can include this information on your wedding website, blog, and shower invitation.  Make sure that your mom, bridal party, and other gal pals know where you are registered so that they can share this information with others.

We'd like to hear from you, what are your thoughts on including gift information in wedding invitations?

image:  Red Book Magazine
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