Monday, August 2, 2010

Got a favor?

Many brides spend a lot of time contemplating "the perfect favor" for her guests.  And, I'm sure that guests look forward to some type of goody at the wedding reception.  But, as a professional planner and one who is one of the last people at the reception and has seen ALL sorts of favors come and go and be left on the tables, floors, and in the waste baskets,  I have a few suggestions that can help you save big on these little trinkets (meaning NOT WASTE MONEY ON UNWANTED FAVORS).

Just to say that you "have or had" a favor shouldn't drive you to just pick any kind of treat to give to your guests.  Are they necessary?  It's totally up to you and your budget!

When I have clients to ask me what type of favor should they gift, I make certain to share with them to give something that they wouldn't mind receiving at a reception.  Successful favors are usually those that are practical.  How many of you swoon over bubbles, CDs, coasters (with the couples picture on them), matches, tealight candles, and something homemade that you can't recognize the purpose?  I guarantee you that if you are using one of these favors for your reception, I'm not personally digging at you.  Do what you like and rock it.

But keep in mind that guests tend to like things that they can use (eat or drink) right then. Here are a few of our suggestions that will keep your "cleaning crew" from trashing your unused trinkets from your reception:

  • Interactive candy or dessert stations 
  • Photobooth keepsakes
  • Something yummy to eat in pretty packaging (i.e. monogrammed cookies, chocolates, candies, candy apples, pretzels)
  • Personalized/Monogrammed pretties such as glassware, paperweights, lip balm, sunblock, playing cards, fans (especially if it's during the hot summer months), 
  • Signature beverages
Again, these are just a few of our suggestions that we have seen in action and have been very successful.  You must consider the number of guests that you are serving and how much you will spend per person. Give your guests something that you would appreciate if you were a guest.  Don't have a favor in mind, that's fine too!  Great food, music, and fun can be a sweet treat, too!

What favors are you considering for your party or reception?

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  1. The best favors I've seen were at Latriece and Montrea' Penister's wedding, where they had These beautiful coasters, beautifully wrapped, that said...Live, Laugh, Love...and so on. I STILL have and USE my coasters and people give me compliments on them when they visit our home. My motto, "Render favors as you would have them rendered unto you". LOL

  2. The coasters she used for her wedding can definitely can be eased into the home for use. We thought very hard about the details of her wedding. Thanks for commenting, Alaine!


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