Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Groom's Cake

Brides enjoy flipping pages of wedding books to find that great piece of inspiration for their bridal cake. This cake, however, will be one of the greatest details at your reception so why wouldn't you want it to be fierce?!

Here in the South (more than likely nationwide), a groom's cake is a tradition that some brides have not let go of as of yet. Some cakes are the traditional chocolate cake and are pretty and then there are some cakes that fully display the groom's personality and interests. So, if your groom decides that he wants to stick to tradition...let him go all the way out, if budget permits, to personalize his cake.

I posted here about the reason some brides choose to have a groom's cake and the origin.

Some design ideas could include his:

Fraternity letters or mascot
Sports team
Hobbies and Recreation (i.e. fishing, hunting, golf, motorcycles)
Gaming System (i.e. Wii, Playstation)
Favorite Food, Clothes
Childhood memories
Favorite drinks
Favorite Movies

The list really go on and on. Get creative if you will be incorporating this tradition into your wedding budget and reception. Below are a few pictures that I have found of various groom's cakes. Enjoy!

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  1. Rock On! The Groom's cake is becoming more and more popular minute. It'a amazing what they think of. My May couple, the bride suprised the groom with a scorpion cake. Blew everyone away. Great post!


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