Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Princess and the Frog Tea Party

I had the pleasure of planning a beautiful birthday party for a client's daughter.  When she told me that she wanted a Princess and the Frog tea party, I was ecstatic!!!  What a fun party to create for a little girl.  I really enjoyed this movie and did my best to incorporate aspects of the film into the party.  Enjoy the pictures!

Entrance Table.  Included was a treasure of princess pretties for the girls to add to their royal attire.

In the movie, Princess Tiana worked really hard to purchase her own restaurant by keeping all of her tips in a jar.  As you can see, she made it!

The Party Space

Place Settings with custom bottled waters and placecards

Yummy Cupcakes

Birthday letter from Prince Naveen

The little princesses enjoyed learning the proper way to sip their tea...dainty pinky up!

Our version of Princess Tiana's tasty beignets.  ...powdered donuts!  

After lunch, the princesses were able to make their own pot of  "sweet gumbo".

Mason jars were the perfect containers for the "sweet gumbo" ingredients.

Cute and yummy princess frog marshmallows.

"Gumbo" pots

Princesses making their "gumbo"

Remember Mama Odie?!  Well, the princesses moved right on over to make their own special glitter lotion.  This was a hit!

Small aprons were provided so that they wouldn't get their royal attire messy.

"Secret Beauty Potion" (lotion)

Potion Making
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  1. You are not only extremely creative, but very talented!

  2. OMG -- this party is so totally adorable!

  3. Thanks so much for the sweet comments!

  4. You did an awesome job on this party!!! I wish you were in Ocala, Florida!!!!

  5. This is very helpful!! I am blown away! Great job!


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